Soon, we'll know everything about them. Maybe even more than we want to.

Glossy mags will feature their grinning faces, fans will lavish praise or level criticism in online forums, and social media will ebb and flow with tidbits of lives now lived in the glare of the bright lights of the tube.

They are The Block NZ eight. Four couples, chosen by production company Eyeworks to battle for renovation glory on the latest season of the hit TV3 show.

Today, the country will be introduced. TV3 spokeswoman Rachel Lorimer said the network would run promos on the contestants during tonight's screening of The X Factor Australia.


The latest season has not been without controversy. Some neighbours in the Pt Chevalier street where the show will be filmed fought hard to stop production, fearing noise, crowds and general disruption.

They failed, and soon, the circus will descend.

Yesterday, the Herald on Sunday visited the site. The two rundown houses originally on the Newell St site are long gone - they were "full of borer" a neighbour said.

In their place stands the exposed framework for what will eventually be four two-storey homes, wiring already snaking its way through the structures.

Several neighbours remain on edge - they won't talk to media, others will, but won't give their names.

A man living at the western end of the street said he's not bothered by the TV production. He saw some of the contestants yesterday, who he described as being about 30 years old.

A tradesman leaving the site also saw the mystery eight.

"They were floating around this morning."

The Herald on Sunday watched several people coming and going from the site.

Some were TV crew, but others covered their faces to avoid being photographed.

The friendly tradie said he knew nothing more.

"It's TV land, I don't know why they do anything."

Pt Chevalier dad Mark Mayo wants to know more. He and daughter Celia, 10, cycled to Newell St for a nosey, and left impressed.

"I quite like how they look to be putting the driveways down the side. That'll be more private", he said as he peeked through a gap in the security fence.

"I watch the show and I'll probably be back for another look."

He'll likely not be alone.