Zooey Deschanel has revealed she was bullied at school.

The New Girl star was tormented by mean pupils during her time at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California, and the worst incident she can recall was when a girl spat in her face.

Speaking in the new issue of InStyle magazine, Zooey said: "Seventh grade was the ultimate low rock bottom - someone spitting in your face while you are on your way to your locker.

"Having to fight your way through those years makes you ready for the future. I can snap back, I can make fun of myself before they do - I can do all of it."


Deschanel, now 34, insists the bullying she suffered made her tougher and also prepared her for life as an actress and the sniping that comes with being famous.

She added: "There's no way I can ever be as sensitive as I used to be, and it's sad to lose any sensitivity because it generally makes people very good at art.

"I've seen a lot of people turn - sometimes it unlocks who they really are. They turn into celebrities are who are separate from themselves. That's OK, but I just don't want to be like that. I have to be normal. My mother wouldn't let me be any other way."

Crossroads School has numerous famous ex-pupils, including Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Bay and Zooey's older sister, actress-and-producer Emily Deschanel.

- BANG! Showbiz