Watch Cry If You Want To, the new video from Mulholland, taken from his new album Stop and Start Again - out in September.

Director Bradley Rogerson, who explains the concept for the video:

"The idea for the video formed collaboratively through meetings with Jol, discussing space documentaries and his love for all things cosmic and psychedelic.

"Jol had seen a previous video piece I had done for The Phoenix Foundation and especially liked the crazy animations and illustrations I used.


"Jol has the amazing ability to pick up and play any instrument and I wanted to showcase this in the video, but he wasn't keen on the spotlight. So, I came up with the idea to cloak Jol in special effects and present him as a mysterious musical intergalactic traveller which I thought matched the tone of the song.

"We filmed the raw footage on green screen at [recording studio] The Lab in Mt Eden, where I thought Jol would feel most comfortable, surrounded by his favourite toys (his instruments, gear and ping pong table).

"Most of the visual effects are active soundscapes, generated dynamically from the music itself. I also used illustrated stop motion overlays and particle effects to achieve supernovas, clouds, wormholes and vortexes. Additional illustrations and animations by Greg Hodgson were layered over many of the shots."

Director/DP: Bradley Rogerson
Assistant/Additional Camera Operator: Gareth Lockett
VFX/Edit/Post: Bradley Rogerson
AdditionalVFX/Animation: Greg Hodgson

Visit Jol Mulholland on Bandcamp here.