Park rocket ready for takeoff again

The rocket at Rocket Park, Mt Albert, has been boarded up since the 1990s when it was deemed unsafe. Over the years the council has had many requests for it to be reopened and after treating the rust and a paint-job it's ready for a new generation of kids to enjoy. The inside of the rocket is four levels and all the levels will be opened up so that kids can climb into it. The size of the hole will allow a normal-sized adult to fit through. There will also be a rubber shock-pad around the base of the rocket and new mesh will close the gaps between the bars to stop kids getting stuck. The grand opening is at 10.30am tomorrow — and the best space costume gets to climb into the rocket first.

Two's company for romantic weekend

Ross from Rotorua writes: "Just checked an Auckland hotel for a weekend away. The romance package sounds great. 'Reignite your romance ... With overnight accommodation, gourmet buffet breakfast for two, valet car parking, two course dinner for two matched with a glass of wine, a chilled bottle of Brancott Estate sparkling wine upon arrival and late checkout until 1pm. Offer is based on twin share ...' Huh? Don't think they have got the idea right somehow."


Not a vintage for Superman

A prankster has caused a stir in London supermarkets after swapping wine label descriptions with his own hilarious versions. The joker printed off self-made comedy labels for different wines and stuck them on the shelves at a Tesco store in Brixton. One of the labels describes the wine as: "Agile clam flavours with a suspicion of red kryptonite. Great with roadkill or clam chowder". Another label, for a bottle of Blue Nun, reads: "Made by actual blue nuns in sea caves protected by wild otters. Full bodied with a hint of wet sand." He said one shiraz tasted like "bitter clown tears with a hint of suspicion" adding "Best drunk in the street." (Source: Daily Mail)

The kindness of strangers

Patricia writes: "To the driver who accidentally hit and killed my beloved cat Lucy on Omahu Rd in Remuera yesterday at 8.45am, shame on you for not stopping. Same goes for the many other drivers who simply drove around me as I knelt screaming in the middle of the road. To the three strangers who did stop to help, thank you so much. Your kindness meant a great deal."

"I thought it looked very avant-garde for the Red Cross," says Peter Mumby.

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