John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd, is taking on a new career role as King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar.

The US cast features some heavyweight names including members of Destiny's Child, N*SYNC and Incubus.

While the lead part of Jesus is being played by newcomer Ben Forster, who played the role in the US and Australia, the rest of the main cast are recognisable names including Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child as Mary Magdalene, Brandon Boyd of Incubus as Judas and JC Chasez of N'Sync as Pontius Pilate.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical started as a concept album, moved to Broadway, was made into a movie and has numerous touring companies since its debut in 1970.


The production of Jesus Christ Superstar is set during the present day and is staged as a two-hour rock concert with over 50 cast members and musicians.

The tour will hit over 50 North American cities.

The Australian show last June featured Tim Minchin, Mel B and Jon Stevens, with Forster in the lead role.

- Noise11