X-Men come back to the future (+trailer)

X Men: Days of Future Past stars James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman.
X Men: Days of Future Past stars James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman.

As their powerful X-Men alter egos Wolverine and Mystique, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence have to be at their physical peak.

And fans get another glimpse of their impressive physiques in the second trailer for new film X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Famous for his bulging muscles and super strength, Jackman's Wolverine goes shirtless as he attacks a hapless enemy, while Lawrence performs somersaults to dispense with another foe in her scaly blue body suit and red wig.

X-Men Days Of Future Past is the second time Lawrence has donned the clinging second skin and piercing green eyed lenses of Mystique, a mutant with shapeshifting powers.

The new trailer shows her jumping through a Parisian glass window, morphing from a soldier back to the blonde 'human' looking Lawrence, and getting rather close to Michael Fassbender's Magneto otherwise known as Erik Lehnsherr.

Meanwhile, Jackman's Wolverine plays a pivotal role in the film, straddling two timelines when he is asked by the older Professor X (Stewart) to return to the past to persuade his younger self (James McAvoy) to change the past and therefore save the mutants of the future.

This means teaming up with his old friend and enemy Magneto (McKellen) whose younger self is again played by Fassbender.


A threat is posed by military scientist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) whose company has created a range of robots called Sentinels whose purpose is to hunt and destroy mutants.

The new trailer begins with Stewart's voice-over over a shot of a dark cityscape.

"So many battles waged over the years and yet none of them like this," he says. "Are we destined to destroy each other? Or can we change who we are and unite?"

A shot of Stewart's Professor X then morphs into the McAvoy's younger version, while Ian McKellen's Magneto changes into Michael Fassbender.

"Is the future really set?" Stewart asks, before telling Jackman: "You'll need to go into the past."

"To end this war," McKellen continues. "Before it ever begins."

Wolverine lies down and screams as a bright light emits from the sides of his face before he is thrust into a brightly lit futuristic corridor.

"It's going to take the two of us," McKellen's Magneto tells Stewart. "Side by side at a time when we couldn't be further apart."

Cue a slew of dramatic events including Magneto turning cars over and sending people flying through the air with a wave of his hand, people dropping down to earth from spaceships and a man made of fire breathing flame onto a giant.

The film sees the return of many of the X-Men cast members from the original three film franchise including Halle Berry as Storm, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde and Anna Paquin's Rogue.

It follows on from the hit 2011 film X-Men: First Class set in 1962 and set as a prequel to the trilogy.

"This is a story about a bad future, not a bad situation with an individual, but a bad future and how do you go back and change that," the film's director Bryan Singer told Collider earlier this year.

"When I fired pitched X-Men: First Class it was always "how do I explain how Xavier and Magneto became friends?" and then frenemies, and this explains how they became Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan," he explained.

"Those incarnations of the characters, because look at who he was, this rich kid from Oxford and the other was off on a revenge mission. It wasn't so much the belief system and in the end you have a hint of Patrick Stewart because Xavier is wheeling up to a school potentially, or to his mansion.

"And with Erik (Magneto) you have the same thing, you have Shaw's theology, which he acknowledges agreeing to, but they haven't put them into practice and you haven't started to see them become those characters that you met in the early X-Men films. So you'll get to watch that kind of happen."

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she struggled with her character's darker side in the new movie.

The 23-year-old actress admitted she often contemplated going off-script for the darker scenes.

She said: "I was struggling back and forth with wanting to get darker... There was one scene where I couldn't get past thinking she'd shoot someone where she doesn't in the script. We filmed it both ways, but I don't know which one they'll use."

The actress also gushed about her time working with director Singer and was delighted when she found out he was going to helm the project - Matthew Vaughn directed X-Men: First Class with Singer on board as producer.

Quizzed on working with Singer, she told Total Film magazine: "It was amazing. There was a tiny fan boy inside of me jumping up and down and screaming when he decided to direct."

The film is slated for release later this year.

- Daily Mail

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