I'm taking a month off alcohol.

I did this last year for two months in June and July, and it was good for my general health and an opportunity to relearn to socialise without having a drink.

Although this has been planned for a while, and is something I do most years, it is relevant right now.

The reason is that for the first time ever in my job as a broadcaster, I ended up on my breakfast radio show after drinking the previous night and wasn't able to do my job. I made a bad judgment call, and I can't say how sorry and embarrassed I am.


It's in my nature to work hard and I also like to relax and enjoy myself on my rare days off.

Starting so early in the morning (pre-5am alarm events are no one's friend) I know I can't mix work and a social life. But that is what happened a couple of Fridays ago. I worked late, socialised afterwards and on very little sleep went to my radio job at 5.30am.

It was clear to my workmates that I had been drinking and shouldn't have been on air.

I've let down the people I work with, the people who watch me on TV and listen to me on the radio, my friends and family, and myself.

I'm also very aware that More FM is a popular family station, listened to by lots of parents and their kids. It's important to me that people understand I don't think what happened is funny or cool. It's not glamorous. In fact, I couldn't be more embarrassed.

To my younger listeners: please know this is not something I'm proud of at all, and it won't happen again. I'd also like you to know that although you might see me in the social pages, socialising is quite a small part of my life - photos of me in my tracky bottoms and slippers aren't what the papers are looking for!

I spend a lot of my time working, I like to relax in a low-key way with friends and family. I go to the gym, play polo and have other hobbies.

What happened has made me think again about alcohol and the part it plays in New Zealand life.

We have a drinking culture - across all walks of life, and all professions, and it's up to each of us to be thoughtful and use good judgment when it comes to alcohol. I failed to do that this time. I showed poor judgment and I'm sorry to those I've let down.

I take all the good lessons from the situation and look forward to my alcohol-free month ahead.