While at the airport Bevan went to the men's toilets. "I was doing my business at the individual urinals and when I turned around to wash my hands, I saw a woman standing to the side of the urinals with her 2-year-old boy. Myself and other bathroom users were in disbelief. While I appreciate mothers may need to provide their young ones with some assistance, wouldn't it make more sense to take him into the women's toilets?"

Mall towies drag away festive cheer

Vimmi didn't get any seasonal goodwill from Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. "Leave your car in the 'free' parking lot for 3 hours and 10 minutes and you will be towed! Not ticketed, but towed away at a cost of $320! So, if you're planning to go to the movies, stop at the food court and do a bit of Christmas shopping while you're at it, forget it. Imagine being stranded with a shopping cart full of groceries (melting ice cream, thawing fish fingers) and the kids getting ratty because mummy can't find the car! Security, hiding safely behind the counter, can't help and knows nobody that can! Guess where I won't be shopping this holiday ..."

Who would have predicted?


To acknowledge 20 years since the first text message, would you believe the Times has written an editorial in text-speak? Here's the first paragraph: "20 yrs ago, all this wld have been incomprehensible. Bcoz that was b4 txt mssging hd arrived. 2day, tho, thnx 2 the ubiquity of SMS, every1 knos how 2 use abbrevs, even if predictive txt smtimes leads 2 mudflaps. Whoops. Mishaps ..."

Chopper sign deliberate

A reader writes: "I know Rob Webb was being tongue-in-cheek but FYI the chopper is permanently parked on the Herne Bay clifftops and is owned by a prominent surgeon. The call sign IRD was intentional."

Picture this: Husky photo bomb. ...And camouflage dog...

Video: Five hours of landing planes at San Diego International airport condensed into 30 seconds of video.

Looking back on 2012: Yahoo gets in first with its roundup of the best of the year guff. Here are their picks for viral photos of the year.

Video: A weird and wonderful compilation of cheesy moments from 70s American TV, edited for laughs...brilliant.

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