They didn't win anything on the night, but The Block couple Rachel and Ty have been gifted so much money they've decided to give some of it to charity.

Engaged Wellington couple Rachel Rasch, 35, and Tyson Hill, 36, sold their formerly dilapidated Takapuna do-up for $798,000 as part of the TV3 reality show at last Thursday's live auction.

They did not make a profit, despite being audience favourites throughout the show, leading to a social media campaign to help them out.

The campaign, led by Brooke Howard-Smith, saw $14,453.22 being donated to the couple.


But on Facebook today, the pair said they weren't comfortable accepting any more money than the $11,000 that fellow competitors Ginny and Rhys won on the show.

"We want to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past few days - your generousity is amazing!" they said.

"We also want to let everyone know that we've asked Brooke Howard-Smith to close the bank account he set up. We are not comfortable accepting any money over the $11,000, which Ginny & Rhys won on the night.

"So, we'll be giving anything that's been deposited above that amount to a charity, which we'll choose with Otis. In Tyson's words: who would've thunk it!"

Brother-and-sister team Ben Crawford, 31, and Libby, 29, won the show by selling their home for $961,000 - $157,000 above the reserve price set.

- Herald online