Friday night drinks?

Cola and ice in front of the TV.

Where I'll be wearing my new: Daft Punk sweater!

And this weekend I'm planning on: Muttering how reckless and irresponsible I am, while I pack up my beatnik belongings so I can move house-slash-city - again.


But first I'll need to refuel at my favourite cafe: ANY! A cafe that sells strong black coffee is my favourite! That goes for dumpling houses and food courts - they all do God's work.

Saturday evening, if my dreams came true there would be a gig by: Drexciya, Guy and Stereolab.

But if there's nothing else doing I'll probably just: Read, web-surf, snack, listen to music, watch a movie, make something.

On my stereo/headphones right now is: Nothing! I would say David Lynch's new record Crazy Clown Time but my iPod was stolen in Dublin by a wily pick-pocket - so I'll shake my fist in silence.

The books I can't put down are: Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson, anything from the 'Introducing' series, and I'd read a phone number if Phillip K. Dick wrote it.

The TV show I take the phone off the hook for: Frozen Planet! Effortlessly mind-blowing. I'm also obsessed with Man vs. Food.

The movie I've been dying to see: John Cusack playing Edgar Allen Poe sounds good, in theory.

A non-cooking Monday night means takeaways from: My mum's kitchen.

Or a splash-out Wednesday night restaurant would be: Chinese food in Balmoral or Japanese ramen downtown.

* Coco Solid's new trippy psychedelic dance band Badd Energy plays as part of the New Performance Festival, February 17-25 at various Auckland locations. Check out