They're the greatest action heroes of a generation - but now they're out of action.

Arnold Schwarzenegger released this picture of himself and Sylvester Stallone in adjacent hospital beds for surgery on old injuries.

"After all the action, stunts, physical abuse ... it was time for a little tune-up on my shoulder," the former Governor of California posted with the picture on his Whosay account page.

"Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery."


Schwarzenegger, 64, and Stallone, 65, were huge Hollywood action rivals in the'80s.

While the Rambo and Rocky franchises were very lucrative, Schwarzenegger seemed to come out on top thanks to the huge box-office success of Terminator 2, Total Recall and Kindergarten Cop.

Quite how "coincidental" the hospital visit was is open to debate - the pair have just said they are to star in another movie together, The Tomb.