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Barbara Walters vs. Star Jones: round three, Jessica Simpson in love split?


The dirty war of words between TV divas Barbara Walters and Star Jones shows no sign of simmering down.

Walters has launched yet another scathing attack on her former View co-host, Star Jones.

Speaking to Larry King on his show on Monday, Walters took to the airwaves to respond to catty comments made by booted View co-host Jones last week.

Verbal barbs

Jones, responding to claims made about her in Walters' autobiography, said:

"It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book. It speaks to her true character."

To which Walters replied: "I think [Star's] suffering now and that's why she's lashing out."

Walters claims in her new memoir that Jones had forced her and the rest of the View hosts to lie about her gastric bypass surgery - a claim that Jones has denied outright.

Before the proverbial hit the fan, Walters insists she was a fan of Jones.

"I was very fond of Star," Walters told King. "The network wanted to let her go. The ratings were going way down... It took her a long time to get a job.

"Poor woman, she's gone through so much," Walters added.

Miaow! Oh, the feud is so on between these two.

What tickles me is the way Babs comes out with the barbed comments in such a loving manner.

She's clearly been drinking from the bitchy bowl and taking notes from the ultimate cat fighter, Alexis Carrington...


Watch a video of Babs' interview here

More Barbara fun

Please watch, it's fascinating...

Brad's back tat

The blogosphere is buzzing with news that Brad Pitt has got himself a new tattoo.

What's got everyone gassing is its rather unusual nature.

Pitt inadvertently revealed the new tattoo while boarding a plane at Monaco airport this week.

Have a peek at the curious-looking tattoo here and here

Various theories as to what the tattoo symbolisies range from it being a map of New Orleans, to random etchings drawn in felt pen by one of his kiddies.

But this particular theory happens to be my favourite.

What do you think?

Crazy and the City

The gals of Sex and The City fame trotted their merry way down the red carpet at the movie's big premiere in London this week.

Aside from the fact that everyone's dumbfounded by the fact the premiere was hosted in London, not New York, the bigger question on everyone's lips is this: "WTF was that thing on Sarah Jessica Parker's head?"

I'm talking about this UFO .

She appears to be wearing a garden on her head. Either that or someone's regurgitated a brussell sprout in her general direction.



Listen to new tracks from the SATC movie soundtrack here and here.

Ooh and the first review of the movie is in. Not exactly complimentary, but that's only to be expected from a Times reviewer.

Quote of the day

"Kim is a role model for 50-something women. Much has been made about her nudity in the film, but I think she looks fabulous ... Anyone who knocks that is jealous. All this fuss about a bit of nudity is ridiculous." - Kim Cattrall's 79-year-old mother on her daughter's on-screen nudity.

Do it live!

A vintage clip of Fox News host Bill O 'Reilly has surfaced showing him throwing a major tanty when he hosted Inside Edition way back in the eighties.

What's juicy about the clip is the fact that he goes totally berserk when a teleprompter stuffs up. O'Reilly's (over)reaction is priceless.

Warning: clip contains swearing (NSFW)


Britney baby-bound?

Britney Spears pregnancy rumour number 8,234, 654.

Yet rumours have surfaced that former pop princess Brit Brit is preggers.

This is why

Nice wedgie, Brits.

She's supposedly been a bonafide gym bunny for the past couple of months, but from the look of her, I'd say she's getting bigger by the day.

Click here for piccies of a pre and post gym Britney.

I say the picture of her with a demonstrably large belly has been photoshopped.

Do you think Brit Brit is pregnant? Spill your thoughts below.

No nip/tuck

Cate Blanchett says she'll never opt for plastic surgery.

The Antipodean actress tells Britain's Glamour magazine, "I see someone's face, someone's body who has had children, and I think they're the song lines of your experience, and why would you want to eradicate that? Death is not going to be any easier just because your face can't move."

Beyonce's 'not pregnant'

Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland has laughed off claims that her pal Beyonce Knowles is pregnant - claiming the Bootylicious star would be "mad" if she heard what was being said about her.

Rumours began spreading like wildfire last month that Knowles was up the duff after her hush-hush wedding to rapper Jay-Z.

We've yet to receive confirmation from the pair that they actually got hitched, let alone a yea or nay on a rumoured pregnancy.

Still, that hasn't stopped Rowland from piping up with her take on things.

"Everybody keeps talking about this wedding that supposedly happened. That's a question that you'd have to ask her!" she said.

And as far as the bambino rumours are concerned, Rowland laughs, "You know what's funny about this, all three of us (Destiny's Child members) have been pregnant at one time. We were on stage and supposedly we looked pregnant!

"I think that it happens, people say that all the time and there are so many rumours about a wedding, so many rumours about so much stuff that it (Beyonce being pregnant) is probably next in line.

"I mean, even before (there were) the wedding rumors (there) were baby rumors; before the wedding rumors there were wedding rumors, you know what I mean? So, no, there's no truth to that. She would be mad, she'd be like, 'I'm what?'"


Dempsey goes commando

Grey's Anatomy hunk Patrick Dempsey reportedly went commando while preparing for his role in chick-flick, Made of Honour.

The McDreamy doc with healing hands pops on a kilt in a scene in the cheesy rom-com, and says he had intentions of following tradition and wearing nothing underneath.

"For a short time [I was]," he tells AOL. "I tried it out and I realised that this is not the kilt I want to be doing that in. Yeah, I didn't need to show that."


McDreamy also shared some thoughts on how he sees his alter-ego's on/off relationship with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) developing in the hit TV show.

Warning: plot spoiler ahead

"I have like a rainbow color of pages in front of me that I'm trying to put together in my script, and I just got to the final scene. And it's a beautiful scene where we get back together.

"It's really quite something. It's unexpected, I think, the way it plays itself out. It kind of gets back to the essence of what made this show so great."

Source:, my moles

Hickey hokey?

Random video footage of Lindsay Lohan and best pal Samantha Ronson trotting around Paris has emerged online.

Not exactly earth shattering news, I concur.

What's mildly diverting is the hickey that Ronson has on her neck. Some folk claim Lohan gave the lass the old vampire routine and indulged in a bit of sisterly love.


So what if Lohan does turns out to a lesbian? Who gives a Gone with the Wind damn?

Verbal deposits

Brooke Hogan has spoken out about her brother Nick Boella's incarceration for reckless driving.

The gobby celebspawn just posted this on her MySpace  page:

"Monday, May 12, 2008

Current mood: pi**ed off
Category: Life

I know most of the public thinks my brother is some rich little selfish kid, but NO ONE knows the real story and I'm really pissed that the truth didn't come out from either side. A LOT of lies were told in that trial. Believe me. And it wasn't from us. John was NEVER home. He was at our house. ALL THE TIME. that should say enough.... Im not going to be out spoken right now, but If some s*** doesn't start getting straightened out, A lot of people are going to eat their words for lieing. I know all of the truth and I have back up. I never know how twisted this world could be but I'm starting to figure it out. And I'm gonna have to jump off my high road and tackle some ppl who are taking the low road. I know you guys don't understand, but you will really really soon. Keep praying. And by the way, before you judge anybody, make sure you really know them. I promise you if you were to meet my brother he would give you the shirt off his back. He's not "NICK HOGAN." AND hes not the person he plays on tv. People are so gullible now a days..."

And there's more...

She later deleted the above post from her page, and replaced it with this tender little missive:

"Monday, May 12, 2008


I have the truth on my side. And the truth will set everyone straight sooner or later. PEACE

ps: yes I took my last one off cause I know itll go around anyway. Have at it ppl.

Regrets? Affleck has a few...

Poor Ben Affleck has only one regret in life - that he appeared in former flame Jennifer Lopez's Jenny from the Block video.

"If I have a big regret, it was doing the video. But that happened years ago. I've moved on."

And being the gentleman that he is, Affleck restrained himself from blaming the Latino lass for making his career nosedive after their relationship went kaput.

"It not only makes me look like a petulant fool [to blame Lopez], but it surely qualifies as ungentlemanly? For the record, did she hurt my career? No."

I'm sure this gem of a video did, mate.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson dunzo?

News reports are coming in thick and fast that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo's romance is over, O.V.A.H.

While my ears instantly pricked up when I heard this morsel, the cynic in me has spoken and tells me it's a load of baloney.

But that doesn't mean I'm above reporting it, obviously. Read for yourselves and form your own opinions...

An imaginatively titled blog called These Boots Are Made For Stalking is reporting that Simpson and Romo have secretly pulled the plug on their relationship.

The story goes that Romo was spotted celebrating his alleged new-found single status with a bunch of drinking buddies last weekend in Chicago.

"They're broken up," says a close pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

"He told us they broke up and that was that. We're guys so we didn't talk about it much."

An eyewitness supposedly said: "He was surrounded by girls.

"We had to restrain some who forcibly tried to make their way to his table. He zeroed in on one blonde all night," added the source.

"That blonde wasn't Jessica Simpson."

Meanwhile, Simpson's rep insists that there is absolutely "no truth" to the rumors.

It can't be over between these two, surely?

Simpson's little sis Ashley is all set to get hitched this weekend, so if it's true, it's very bad timing.


Blogger on tap

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