Don't let the title fool you, Stevie Jackson sounds nothing like the Rolling Stones - though he does get immediate points for an entertaining and clever album title.

The talented guitarist who joined Belle & Sebastian 15 years ago (before that he was a solo act, or working with the Moondials) has taken to the studio to lay down 12 tracks of his own. Though he's written songs for B&S (like Jonathan David and To Be Myself Completely) they've always been notably more 60s pop-ish than their usual folky sound.

And that's the direction he's taken with this album too - it's not a guitar album, here he's melded 60s and 70s pop and folk sounds, with some whimsical lyrical turns and literary puns.

There's a distinct sense of larking about on several tracks - Just, Just So to the Point leans in a charming Flight of the Conchords' direction with lyrics like "get yourself a backbone, you ain't no invertebrate" - and a strong irreverent streak throughout, like a guy who just wants to have fun with his music.


There are some lovely contributions, from a large array of musicians add colourful layers that add to the cheerful, lilting style. Though the persistent upbeat tone occasionally comes across as insincere, mostly this is a sweet, amusing walk down a retro pop lane.

Stars: 3.5/5
Verdict: Irreverent retro pop from Belle & Sebastian guitarist.

- TimeOut