This drum 'n' bass thing must still be a good gig because after more than 12 years, Matt Harvey - who carried on the Concord Dawn name following the departure of co-founder Evan Short - keeps plying his trade, releasing albums and touring the world with his rolling, sometimes slamming electronica.

And though there's nothing as towering as their 2003 track Morning Light here, Harvey is still coming up with catchy tunes like single These Prison Walls (featuring Wellington's Thomas Oliver) and the thrilling, 80s-tinged One Tear with veteran Kiwi songwriter and producer Rikki Morris on vocals (both of whom featured on 2010's The Enemy Within).

Air Chrysalis - which can be downloaded free at - is the second Harvey-only album and it's more solid and riveting than The Enemy Within.

And though the vocal tracks have crossover appeal, it's when the pure drum 'n' bass kicks in with a relentless agitating and pummelling groove, that Air Chrysalis is at its best.


The title track is an impressive mix of soaring, slamming and stealth punishment, Electrocute morphs, warps and bends limbs in all sorts of dodgy directions.

Best is Kepler, another escalating beauty that simmers so effortlessly it wouldn't matter if it went on forever. And did we mention you can get the album for free?

Concord Dawn plays the Studio in Auckland on Saturday night.
Stars: 4/5
Verdict: Consistency key to keeping drum 'n' bass alive.

- TimeOut