Daniel Rossen is better known as the prodigious guitarist from jazz pop group Grizzly Bear, but here he steps out on his own with his first five-track side-project EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile.

Grizzly Bear are one of those bands that somehow make you feel smarter as a result of listening to them, and though Rossen dwells in the same musical territory, his sound is more immediate and doesn't require weeks to get your head around.

He's had some comparisons to George Harrison already, but it's an honorary comparison and is distilled best in Silent Song and Golden Mile, both perfectly crafted and weighted little ditties that showcase Rossen's clever and underrated guitar playing.

They also contain choruses that incubate inside your brain, then hatch to have you gently cooing their melody when you least expect it.


If there is any criticism to be had it would be that Rossen's lyrics and vocals can go in one ear and out the other without much to ponder.

However, Rossen's work is more about ascending and descending instrumental tapestry, with the lyrical and vocal content taking more of a backseat to its sharp and clever sonic arrangements.

The problem with EPs is that they are always over far too quickly, but often work best as taste testers for a future album down the line. And while Grizzly Bear would be his first love, here's hoping Rossen keeps going with his bit on the side.

Stars: 4/5
Verdict: Clever and upbeat side project that shows great promise for any future releases.
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