Outraged parents are calling for the Christchurch Girls' High School board to resign over the sacking of its newly reinstated principal.

Prue Taylor was dismissed earlier this month after the Board of Trustees said it had lost trust and confidence in her, citing "issues and tensions".

But the Employment Relations Authority last week ordered Ms Taylor's interim reinstatement ahead of a hearing and final decision early next year.

More than two dozen parents attended a meeting with board members at the school last night - many of whom said they were outraged at the board's decision to dismiss Ms Taylor.


A parents' group spokesman, Mark Smith, said any board members who could not work with Ms Taylor should step down.

"There's no other alternative for them. The remaining board members must move forward in a co-operative, communicative and progressive way to safeguard the school's reputation and to safeguard the environment of our daughters," he told Radio New Zealand.

The board has said it was "absolutely committed" to reinstating Ms Taylor by December 12.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed the Ministry of Education wrote to the board saying it would recommend the appointment of a limited statutory manager if Ms Taylor was reinstated.

The ministry told a local newspaper that no decision on intervention had been made at this stage.