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A mountain biker caught on camera in an apparent case of "bike rage" has been defended by a fellow track user after video of the incident prompted a storm of criticism.

Video footage from cyclist Jordan Brizzell's helmet mounted-camera shows another cyclist he was following - and attempting to pass - on the Flying Nun track on Christchurch's Port Hills confronting and appearing to push Mr Brizzell.

The cyclist has not been identified.

Bruce White, who met the unidentified cyclist while walking in the Port Hills with his wife on the day of the incident, said he felt it would be a waste of police time.


Mr White said the yellow-shirted cyclist came across as pleasant both times he and his wife came across him.

"I wonder whether part of the problem was that [Mr Brizzell] didn't allow enough space between the 'yellow shirted' biker and himself when he started the track," Mr White said.

"Why didn't [Mr Brizzell] simply stop and give the 'yellow shirted' fellow a couple of minutes space and then he would have had a clear run himself? Is he one of the few intolerant ones who think they own the place to themselves because of their biking prowess?"

In the video - which has gone viral since being posted on You Tube - the unidentified yellow-shirted cyclist is heard saying: "I don't need a f*****g lecture while I'm enjoying a ride. If you want to pass, f*****g pass. If you don't shut your f*****g mouth or I'll shut [indecipherable] ..."

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