The resurrection of Datsun has gathered pace with Japan adding South Africa to the list of countries to get cheap and cheerful products from Nissan's budget division.

Russia, India and Indonesia had already been named as destinations for the Datsun line-up that will launch with two models within the first year before expanding later on, says industry website Go Auto.

Datsuns will be in South Africa from late next year, 100 years after the company was founded as Dat-go in Japan. Nissan NZ managing director John Manley says there are no plans for the Datsun to come here. The company has hinted that South Africa is probably the first step in Africa for Datsun that will lead Nissan's charge in emerging nations.

Nissan expects its Datsuns to make up half its sales in India, Indonesia and Russia by 2016, providing a key driver in its ambition to achieve 8 per cent of the global market share and 8 per cent operating profit.