If you happen to have a spare $3million and a love for incredibly fast cars, Lamborghini's latest creation will no doubt rev your engine.

But if you do have that sort of cash and the inclination to spend it on expensive toys, there's just one problem: it's already sold out.

Lamborghini unveiled the Centenario Roadster over the weekend to much fanfare. The 770 horsepower, open-top supercar is certainly something to behold and was made by the company to mark what would have been the 100th birthday of its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

With an ability to reach speeds of "more than" 350km/h the car is among the most powerful ever built by the company.


It also boasts some new hi-tech features and is the first Lamborghini built car to offer Apple CarPlay on its 25cm dashboard touchscreen.

Understanding the importance of sharing video content the manufacturers have equipped the car with two interior digital cameras that can record (and later share) the smiling happy faces of its passengers - because what's the point of having a car like this if everyone doesn't know about it?

Only 20 versions of the car will be made by the Italian company, and all of them were sold before it even debuted.

According to Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, the company's latest creation is meant to deliver "the freedom of a true open-top super sports car for a pure drive experience".

But for most of us, pictures are about as close as we'll get to that particular experience.