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Lindsay Lohan rep denies motorbike clash, Madonna 'ghostwrote' brother's tell-all book?

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Lindsay Lohan's mouthpiece has dismissed reports that the Hollywood starlet was hospitalised on Saturday after being hit by a motorbike.

Rumours began swirling over the weekend that the Mean Girls actress was sideswiped by a motorbike as she and gal pal Samantha Ronson exited a New York club early on Saturday morning.

Lohan's estranged father Michael Lohan was also quoted by the New York Post as confirming that his daughter had been flattened under the treads of a tyre.

He said: "She's not hurt. That's all I really care about."

Following the phantom accident, Lohan was allegedly carted off to the Beth Israel Medical Centre in Manhattan for treatment.

A hospital employee told the newspaper that Lohan was treated and released at about 4am.

But according to Lohan's publicist, the reports are utter hogwash.

"I spoke to Lindsay," Sloane tells E! News "and she said nothing happened."

So there you have it. Collision denied. Makes a change for Lohan, she's practically a walking disaster.

This is nuts

A candy bar advert has been pulled off the air in Britain after upsetting gay rights groups.

The Snickers advert, starring A-Team beefcake Mr. T, has been yanked because the groups say it promotes homophobia.

They've taken exception to the advert's 'plot' which sees the 80s star shooting Snickers as a speed walker, yelling, "You are a disgrace to the man race. It's time to run like a real man."

Confectionary company Mars has subsequently taken the ad off the air.

Does this advert promote homophobia?

Who's Bean a naughty boy then...

Lord of the Rings star Sean Bean was arrested at the tail end of last week on suspicion of domestic assault.

News reports state that the British actor was questioned by the fuzz in London for six hours after his new wife Georgina Sutcliffe called in the cavalry and filed a complaint against him.

Sutcliffe called the cops saying she was being attacked during a row with the actor, but later withdrew the assault claim.

She later told reporters, "Everything is OK. Sean and I are at home together enjoying the sunshine. He was arrested. Everything was blown out of proportion. The police held him quite a while, but Sean is fine and I'm fine. There's no problem between us."

Bean was subsequently released on bail on Friday morning.

This is Bean's fourth marriage. Just sayin'...

Secret diaries

I bet Anne Hathaway rues the day she met her ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri.

Poor Hathaway has been dragged into her former lover's fraud scandal.

FBI agents have reportedly seized the Get Smart actresses' diaries  in a bid to uncover fresh information about her ex's shenanigans.

Hathaway has apparently severed all contact with the shady bloke. Good riddance, honey. You know what they say about bad eggs...they stink.

Racist rant No 2

Sex Pistols legend John Lydon is embroiled in another drama.

The punk star was accused of making racist remarks and branded a bigot last week after he allegedly assaulted Bloc Party's Kele Okereke, in an "unprovoked and racist" attack at a music festival in Barcelona.

He's been at it again, so claim news reports.

Lydon is now accused of singing racist songs to staff at a London pub.

The notoriously outspoken singer allegedly sang racist lyrics, including the words "bloody Arabs" and "towel heads" during a marathon drinking session in a West London pub last week.

A snitch tells British tabloid The Sun: "They were singing songs with lyrics that were clearly derogatory about Arabs.

"It was shocking to hear. They were singing at the top of their voices and had to be told to be quiet because of the neighbours, but they wouldn't listen."

She made me do it

Hulk Hogan's wannabee actress/model/whatever daughter Brooke has come clean and apologised for falsely accusing her father of abusing her mother Linda.

The celebuspawn now claims that her naughty mother "pressurised" her into making the allegations at the time.

She says, "I did it under significant pressure from my mother.

"It was only after I learned all the facts that I realised I made a big mistake in signing it."

Ma and pa Hogan entered Splitsville last year and ended their relationship for good (well, at least until they have another reality TV show to promote and need to drum up some publicity).

Brooke initially sided with her mother when the warring couple split, and is rumoured to have signed a legal affidavit claiming that her father, Terry Bollea, verbally and physically abused her mother.

The celebuspawn has since fallen out with mum because she's been getting her freak on with a toy boy, who just so happened to be in high school with Brooke.

Brooke now says: "Using kids as pawns in a divorce is awful. Every day my mother resorts to this kind of behaviour make it that much harder for us to ever have a relationship again."

"I did it under significant pressure from my mother.

"It was only after I learned all the facts that I realised I made a big mistake in signing it."

Quote of the day

"Women seem to ignore the fact that I'm gay. I think that women really get the feeling that I understand them. I grew up with two sisters, I went out with women when I was younger. I do understand them, unfortunately."

- George Michael is such a chick magnet.

Fair-weather reunion

Please make your mind up, Pamela Anderson.

The actress/model/whatever is now saying that she is not back together with ex-hubby Tommy Lee.

She said: "The dream would be that all of us could really be together but we're better as friends. We're great friends. We just live together. And we're ex-husband and wife. It's kind of silly!"

Pammy now insists that she doesn't know what the future holds for the 'couple'.

"I don't know where that's going to go," she muses.

Babe, we can all tell you exactly where it's heading...


File this one under ridiculous nonsense, yet funny none the less.

Has-been singer Avril Lavigne is reportedly self-conscious about her "fangs" and is set to get them fixed.

A snitch close to the singer tells Star magazine: "Avril hates her fangs. She is planning on having them filed down by a cosmetic dentist. It's just something she has always been insecure about, especially since everyone is staring at her mouth when she sings.

"As soon as Avril finds some time to take off so it won't interfere with hersinging, she's getting it done."

Everyone's talking about...

Miley Cyrus.

The Hannah Montana star has kicked off another stink because of some silly video that she posted on YouTube.

In the YouTube clip, Cyrus, along with two of her girlie mates, apparently spend about five minutes mocking fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

No, I have absolutely no idea who these people are either.

Word has it that Gomez is dating Cyrus' ex-boyf, Nick Jonas - hence the lampoonery in the video clip.

Watch the incriminating video below. Just don't blame me for wasting 4mins 42 seconds of your life.

Oh, and Cyrus is now apologising for said clip. What-ever! Amazingly enough...

Wicked whisper

Veteran actress and Golden Girl Estelle Getty was buried last week during a private funeral in Hollywood.

My moles inform me that her family and well-wishers attended the low-key ceremony. However, very noticeably absent from the funeral were her Golden Girls co-stars Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Betty White.

What gives?

Mental maniac

Heather Mills has been labeled a "mental maniac" by her one-time publicist and friend, Michele Elyzabeth.

Despite being matey with Mucca for the past four years, and being her mouthpiece during the former glamour model's divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney, Elyzabeth says their working relationship is now over.

She tells TV's Extra: "After working for Heather Mills for the past four years, I have decided to cease representing her.

"Since her divorce has become final, in my opinion, Heather has become an impossible person. Yesterday, we engaged in a heated argument during which she called me "stupid".

"I reminded her that she was not "God" and she answered, 'I will never ever talk to you again'. I have been very patient in my dealings with Heather, however, I cannot take any more.

"I have given her substantial unpaid time and attention. I am owed money. I refuse to be subjected to her outbursts. On reflection and given the way I have been treated, I now have sympathy with much of what the British Press has reported about her."

Talking of crazy...

The YouTube divorcee returns!

The woman's seriously scorned and is not about to give it a bone.

Madonna's 'media manipulation'

Madonna has been accused of many things during her reign as the Queen of pop, but I never though she'd be accused of this. Call me green, but I thought she was smarter.

The latest rumour making its merry way across the interwebnet is that Madge is not exactly an innocent party as far as her brother's tell-all book his concerned.

Page Six reports:

"The supposed scandal about [her brother] Christopher Ciccone's book is bull[bleep]," according to an insider.

"She actually ghost-wrote parts of it with him, the way Princess Diana helped Andrew Morton write his book on her. That's why there's nothing too devastating in Chris's book. He's mean to others, but not so much to his sister."

As for Madge's rumoured dalliance with baseball star Alex Rodrigues:

"She flirted with him and manipulated him," a snitch reveals.

"She didn't count on wife Cynthia leaving him and naming her in the divorce, though."

The best nugget of all has to be the notion that Madge is using the media brouhaha over her alleged affair with A-Rod to her own advantage. Bizarrely, she's apparently making A-Rod a fixture in her upcoming world tour.

"She's ordered three A-Rod Yankee jerseys she'll wear in the finale of her upcoming shows. All of this was created to sell tickets for her tour, which hasn't been selling so well."


Could this be the same show that has reportedly sold out in every single country she's heading to?

Ray of fright


I reported to you on Friday that Madonna is rumoured to be experiencing some kind of meltdown as a result of her grueling tour rehearsals and bad press.

Sources said last week that Madonna was "doing less than OK", and reported that she's been totally miserable and "down physically and mentally".

Well, it looks as though the strain of it all is definitely getting to her.

Her Madgesty was snapped leaving a Kabbalah centre in New York last week looking like this and this

What gives with the face? She looks like she's sucking a lemon. Either that or she's had some fresh work done to her visage.

Madonna's sad appearance eerily echoes something that she once said about how grueling her tour performances are.

"Every time I do a show, I die a little bit, but no sh** is worth doing unless you're willing to die for it."

She obviously wasn't kidding.

And I'll leave you with this spectacular quote allegedly out of the mouth of Madge's tattle-tale brother.

"I will admit to a guilty pleasure in watching her squirm. (Releasing the book was like a) giant f***** orgasm. Therapy I already had; this was pure sex."

Nothing like turning on your own is there.

Blind items

You guess the celebutards.

"Which mis-matched celebrity couple hate having their photo taken in public because of their ridiculous height difference? Whenever they pose for pics, he has to stand on a step or ledge to hide the problem." Mirror

"This former female reality star and now just a D list wannabe decided to make a move on the mahogany one also known as Ronaldo. She offered her services to him for the evening at a reasonable $5000 at which point he laughed and laughed and said, 'Look around. Look at me. Why would I pay for anyone?" CDaN

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