The Cleveland Cavaliers are 0-2 in the NBA Finals, as the Golden State Warriors move closer to being crowned champions.

Golden State have simply proven unstoppable to this point in the playoffs and their success is made all the more weird for Cleveland, given the man currently at the helm of the Warriors is on the Cavaliers payroll.

Yes, former Cleveland coach Mike Brown still finds himself receiving a regular paycheck from the Cavs, and will do so until 2020.

Brown has been the acting head coach for Golden State, standing in for Steve Kerr, who has battled health problems, although he made a brief return for game two.


The Cavs were coached by Brown in the 2013-14 season, in his second stint with the franchise. He negotiated a $26.7m five-year deal with Cleveland to take over their head coaching position from Byron Scott at the time.

When he was fired from that role in 2014, his contract guaranteed four years (and partially the fifth season), with payments spread over six seasons (known as an offset).

The amount he is owed is deducted from his Golden State deal and Cleveland pay the balance.

It give us the unique situation of having the Golden State coach still being paid by the team he's plotting the demise of in the NBA finals.

But Brown says he is not motivated any extra by bringing the downfall of the team that fired him, he just wants to win the NBA Championship, like he would against any opposition.

"I just want to win," Brown told ESPN. "I don't care who it is, I just want to be a part of a winning program."

"So no matter who is in front of us - and it just happens to be Cleveland - I just want to win as bad."

Even if Brown wanted to rub the Warriors finals success in the face of his former employers, he's not allowed to. His settlement with the Cavs prevents him from doing so.

You'd think Brown would have some choice words for the organisation, given they fired him twice - first in 2010.

Brown was said to be hesitant to return to the NBA franchise for his most recent stint after being punted before, but ultimately settled due to his family enjoying Cleveland.

The former Cavs coach also played a role in getting LeBron James back, despite the rumours that the two did not get along and the NBA star wanted him gone in Brown's first spell with the organisation.

The unease that Brown had following his first stint in Cleveland, led the coach to negotiate the bumper contract in which he is currently being paid. Brown was fired a year later after a 33-49 season.

But Brown is now having the last laugh. He's leading Golden State to a romp in the NBA Finals and the opposition is paying him (partly) to do so.

"You would call it luck, being blessed, being in the right spot at the right time," Brown told reporters. "it's the circle of life, like "The Lion King", everything comes back around, I guess."