Are bicycles allowed on footpaths in Rodney? We have been nearly knocked over more than once, and cannot understand why the owners do not have bells on their cycles. If they rang them we could get out of the way. Irene Brown, Orewa.

The Transport Agency website says that a cyclist may not ride on a footpath anywhere in New Zealand unless delivering newspapers, mail or leaflets, or a sign indicates the path is shared.

At King George Ave and The Drive, both roads have stop signs. Who has right of way, car A, southbound on The Drive or car B, westbound on King George Ave? Chris Wong, Epsom.

According to the map you drew, Chris, which I cannot reproduce here, car B must give way to car A, which is on its right. This rule has not changed.


There have been a few near-misses on the intersection at the beginning of the Southern Motorway St Marks Rd (Newmarket) on-ramp. Most cars coming from the west (Great South Rd) seem to think they have right of way, while to drivers coming from east (Remuera Rd) the new give way rule should apply here giving us the right of way. Both sides are controlled by a give way sign. Anne Ferry, Newmarket.

I know new rules take some time to adjust to, but this one is quite clear. It states that all traffic turning right must give way to a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and turning left. This applies where both vehicles are facing each other with no signs, or the same signs. Think: If you're turning right, give way.

Pentland Ave in Mt Eden terminates at both the left and right ends of the T. My question relates to car A coming from Valley Rd and turning right at the T in Pentland. Car B is coming from the left end of Pentland (the other terminating end) and turning right up Pentland towards Valley. Does car B have to give way? John Sumner, Mt Eden.

Car B does have to give way to car A, as car A is on car B's right.

Every morning, traffic banks up in Onehunga Mall from Trafalgar St to turn right into Mt Smart Rd. Cars are parked from Trafalgar to the fire station leaving only a narrow cycle track which cars use to get up to the straight ahead lane across Mt Smart Rd rather than queue for two or three light changes. Is it legal for cars to use a narrow cycle lane? Murray Hunter, Titirangi.