article December 13: "Mayor slams leaker of treaty document."

Our mayor has stated he will not pursue the leaking of the iwi's treaty's settlement document, but basically knows which councillor it was. Councillor Chandulal-Mackay said the leaking is a total betrayal of trust. I state that the mayor should not have stopped short of an investigation.

I consider carefully who I vote for. While I doubt I will hear councillors race to say, "It was not I," it means the mayor's decision makes my vote harder. A shadow has now been cast by this person's actions on every councillor. My mind is distracted from treaty settlement progress by wanting to find the 'white-anter.'


The leaker lacks the courage of their convictions to stand up. I miss former councillor Ray Stevens. Even if he was off key and a bit blue at times, he owned his commentary.

I am asking residents to scan my letter, email it to the mayor and respectfully ask that he re-engage in this. Confidence in the circle has been diminished and it impacts on councillors' working relationships and the anonymity frustrates my future vote.

Councillors must appreciate the oath they took, the prayer they listen to, the training undertaken, the need for and process of confidentiality (at times), and recognition of the treaty, reconciliation and respect for others. When they don't, there is the mayor presiding, there is a complaint process and a code of conduct policy.

Maybe Josh's and Hamish's annoyance will be the end of it. Thanks, Josh, for speaking up; that is appreciated. How is it someone so young has earned their stripes so quickly (and repeatedly)?

The mayor should give up the cloak of generosity and investigate. An apology should be sought to their colleagues and iwi. Just suspend them from iwi settlement discussions and votes for a few months — sounds like a fair call to all concerned.


Gold Card letter

On October 10 I received a letter from the Wanganui District Council, couched in an unrestrained and autocratic tone, stating a change to the Gold Card parking concession but giving no reasons for it.


Then I read councillor Rob Vinsen's report pointing out that this letter that I and many other Gold Card holders had received should not have been sent, because our elected representatives had not authorised the changes.

Some two months have passed, but I and the other Gold Card holders who received the letter are still wondering who to believe, as we have yet to receive either an apology from the Wanganui District Council for its incompetence or to view a report in the Chronicle that Councillor Rob Vinsen's report was incorrect.

Surely, this is the least we can expect.


More harm than good

A shocking story in the Herald told of a DOC employee's family terrorised by anti-1080 people and covered their hate-filled rhetoric, anti-Government motives and how they are woefully misinformed.

All my pro-1080 and anti-1080 friends are nice people. I've done a lot of listening. My anti-1080 friends appear to be very well informed. They include scientists, naturalists, animal lovers, foresters, former 1080 licence holders etc.

I am a scientist and I can speak for myself.

My three biology degrees majored in ecology, toxicology and pesticide science. I come from a family of naturalists and outdoor people. I've spent thousands of hours in the wilds. I've been a research and forensic scientist all my working life. I prefer to rely on first-hand observation and scientific research. My beliefs are flexible.

When I researched 1080, I focused on independent, peer-reviewed science, not what you bump into first off. I am not anti-Government. I am in no doubt that 1080 does more harm than good to our wildlife and native forest.


Brief candles

Roger Waters' poem featured in the Chronicle cartoon looks to science to fix what's wrong with humanity.

Cartoonist Emmerson obviously sees this as a valid answer to all the abuse, pain, murder and suffering. (While omitting the 500,000-plus candles that could be lit to remember those aborted since 1977).

Well, science cannot fix the human heart. That is something only our creator can do. Christmas is at hand and the choice of God to identify with the poor, disenfranchised and helpless is once again brought to the minds of those who have accepted His offer of a better life.

I pray that those who are looking for answers may look past the unnecessary additions of Santa, presents, food and stress and, like the wise men, seek Him.


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