Supreme Court next

Trans-Tasman Resources is going to the Supreme Court in its attempt to get marine discharge consents to mine iron-sand across 66 sq km of the South Taranaki seabed. On July 17 the mining company was given leave to appeal previous decisions quashing its consents. Iwi, fishing and environmental groups will defend the previous decisions.

Sign up for jobs

Maori and Pacific young people who want election jobs are invited to sign up with the Electoral Commission in Whanganui on Friday. The Rangatahi2Mahi event is at the former National Bank building, 98 Victoria Ave, from 3pm to 6pm. People aged 17-28 are asked to bring identification, IRD number and bank account details.

Project funding

Official enviroschools in the Horizons Region have until December 1 to apply to the Pat Kelly Enviroschools Action Fund. It supplies money for sustainability projects that are not eligible for Horizons' Community Grants Scheme. Ten projects received funding last year, and Kimbolton School used its money to plant a community orchard.

Bank face slips

Heavy rain has caused a slip on the newly hydro-seeded embankment near Otoko Pa on SH4. New Zealand Transport Agency regional transport systems manager Ross l'Anson says the movement is minor and will be monitored, while the agency works on a repair plan.


Bigham on board

The Taranaki/Whanganui Conservation Board has one new member, Bonita Bigham from the Te Korowai o Ngaruahine Trust. Mathew Vujcich has been re-appointed for a further term.

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