Being a child in hospital is hard enough without the added stress of going without the necessities.

And that is why, every year, Todd Sollitt donates a pair of pyjamas to a child in need at Whanganui Hospital.

"There are so many kids that go into hospital and they've got nothing."

He said it is a gesture to help sick children and poor families that might not have much.

"I don't want any accolades, I don't need that, it's just about giving back."


He said one year he got involved with a programme Rotary ran that donated pyjamas to the children's ward and he decided to carry on the initiative in the years to come.

Every winter, Sollitt makes a trip to a Whanganui store that sells children's pyjamas, purchases a pair and then drops them off to the children's ward.

Every year he changes it up on who he is going to buy for and this year he chose a girl's pair of pyjamas for a 10 to 11-year-old.

He said the nurses were very appreciative when he handed them the bag of clothes.

Sollitt worked with children for many years when he managed the Whanganui East Pool.

He said children came into his office all the time and all wanted to talk.

"A lot of those kids, they didn't have much."

Because of this, he is also passionate about teenagers' mental health and wants to help young people get through difficult times.


"If I can cheer something on that other people can donate to as well, and if they don't want to go and take them up [to the hospital], then they can give me a ring and I'll collect them and take them up there for them."

He said anyone who wishes to donate a pair of pyjamas to the children's ward can contact him on 027 847 2769.