It was a first picnic for a Whanganui multicultural group - a picnic with games, food and socialising under the trees.

About 22 people turned out for the Multicultural Council of Rangitīkei/Whanganui's picnic in Bason Botanic Gardens on Saturday. There were Kiwis, Indian people from India and Fiji, Malaysians, Chinese and Rarotongans in the group.

They played a bowling game using plastic bottles full of water as their skittles, and boys played soccer. Teena Lawrence had brought water and dye and people had a go at tie-dyeing or painting on fabric.

"We dried them and it has come out very good. Everybody was very excited about it," council president Pushpa Prasad said.


The group had brought chairs and mats and people enjoyed sitting in the sun and "just chatting away".

Food was shared.

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"It was supposed to be bring your own, but it so happened that everybody brought extra, so we just shared it around," Prasad said.

The Multicultural Council is a non-profit organisation of volunteers who support newcomers and ethnic communities in Whanganui and Rangitīkei. It has monthly meetings, potluck dinners and organises other cultural events.