Bargain hunters found plenty of treasures at the Whanganui Koha Shed's fundraising sale.

Manager Sherron Sunnex said there were plenty of people picking up retro clothing and accessories on Sunday to wear for Whanganui Vintage Weekend which begins next Friday.

"As you can see, we still have plenty left but we've sold heaps and met the target we were aiming for.

"We sold a lot of furniture, china and bits and bobs as well."


Sunnex said the fundraising sales were held every month so the Koha Shed could continue to support local families.

"People donate things that have value so we can sell them at garage sales.

"Most items were sold for $5 but some more valuable things have been sold for higher prices.

"I thought the weekend before Vintage Weekend would be the perfect time for a sale."

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Some proceeds from the sales will also go towards supporting families to take children for pool and movie outings these school holidays.

"I often hear struggling families say at this time of year that they wish they could take their children on outings but they have no money for petrol, let alone entry costs.

"We always welcome donations from people who would like to help out as well."


The Koha Shed is at 88 Duncan St, Whanganui East.