I TOTALLY agree with previous letters regarding the InterCity bus depot. I often drive past the depot between 6 and 7pm and am appalled at the state of affairs for bus travellers either arriving or departing our city.

They are huddled in the dark, the only lighting coming from the street light. Exposed to the elements, and often not enough seating for those waiting for the bus! It's pathetic.
For those arriving, whatever must they think of this bleak arrival?

I bet some must think it would be better to stay on the bus and alight at somewhere more welcoming and hospitable than a stark, cold, dark platform.

I don't know who's responsible for this, but wouldn't you think that even one of our councillors would take it upon themselves to investigate a better solution for the plight of bus travellers who leave or arrive after the depot closes?


C'mon, Hamish, you drive past and have a look for yourself. Or maybe the Chronicle could do some good old investigative journalism and find out why this is so. They could do some interviewing of passengers and the InterCity management to seek a solution to the problem.

I have some ideas myself.

Idea 1: Why not keep the depot open until the last bus has left? (What a good idea). Add a few more dollars to the fare if cost is a problem.

Idea 2: Why not use the bus shelter outside Trafalgar Square to be the pick-up and drop-off point for after-hours? (What another good idea). Travellers would be afforded some shelter and light and even a toilet inside the Trafalgar centre. Hopefully someone will take notice and make Whanganui a more appealing place to arrive or depart from.


Aircraft labels

Call me a pedant, but I understand that flying machines with wings, designed for moving people or freight or more sinister purposes, are correctly referred to as aircraft.

I have become increasingly grumpy with more and more references to these vehicles, in various media, as "planes".


I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to read yesterday's Chronicle and see Air Chathams' recently acquired ATR described as an aircraft. Thank you Staff Reporter. Or Mr or Ms Reporter, as may be the case. You have elevated my opinion of local journalists a few clicks.

I hope for more pleasant surprises.


FOOTNOTE: The Chronicle's Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "aircraft" as "a machine capable of flight, esp. an aeroplane or helicopter".
It defines "aeroplane" (or "plane" in its abbreviated, colloquial form) as "a powered, heavier-than-air flying vehicle with fixed wings".

New Zealand values

I feel urged to respond to the article in the Chronicle regarding Destiny Church leader, Bishop Brian Tamaki.

To put my response in a historical context: My dad and two of his brothers fought in World War I, and his brothers died on the battlefield, fighting for freedom and justice from a Christian value point of view. Likewise, my older brothers were preparing to fight in World War II for the same basic reasons that NZ was founded on — our national anthem is a good pointer.

Our foundational belief in the Lord Jesus Christ should never be compromised in the name of so-called "unity and consideration".

Before we dismiss Tamaki's strong defence of NZ values as excessive and counter to NZ culture, we should pause and consider this: More than 30,000 NZers lost their lives in the two world wars defending our well-established values.

Reach out and help those struck by tragedy, definitely, while remaining true to our fallen heroes.


Rates on the river

Horizons rates to rise a whopping 4.88 per cent, but Castlecliff residents won't have to worry, as we have no flood protection or increase in bus services, so why are we paying for Putiki enhancement?

That is our hard-earned rates (highest in the country) from Horizons and the district council going into a river miles away.

"Awarua Stream with its new eel and whitebait fishing has a high level of cultural importance," says the Whanganui stormwater engineer.

Who runs the Whanganui River Enhancement? — A fancy name for ratepayers.

So, seeing that our rates are going into a river, will stiles be built over the fences so we can all enjoy laying our nets down in whitebait season? Don't forget Horizons covers Palmerston North etc, so it will be a busy whitebait season for us all. Roster system, maybe?


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