Whanganui High School students will battle out their talents on stage to create a night filled with dance, drama and music.

The Whanganui Opera House will host the Performing Arts Concert, Battle of the Houses on Wednesday June 19 and Thursday June 20.

Kicking off at 7pm, the night will showcase the best of the best of the school, head of music and performing arts coordinator, Jeanette Jones said.

"It gives students that platform of the Whanganui opera house stage and an opportunity to be on a professional stage."


Due to not having a school production this year, the school introduced the battle of the houses which will still combine the arts.

The night will include 30-60 students from each house performing in chamber music groups, dances, drama students, Kapa Haka, Pacifica and groups from the Smokefree Rockquest.

"The timing fits in perfectly after our extremely successful Smokefree Rockquest and Chamber Music groups performances," Jones said.

Being partially a house event, students who are not involved in performing but come along to watch the concert will get a house point, along with their parents.

Michael Franklin Browne from Head Like a Hole will judge on Wednesday evening while Miss World New Zealand 2018 and Miss World Oceania 2018, Jess Tyson will be there to judge on Thursday evening.

Text voting will be available for the audience to vote for their favourite group out of 18 items performed each night over two acts.

A percentage of the text voting along with the judges' votes will go towards the houses placing in first, second, third and fourth place.

"I'm very very excited for the calibre of acts that will be performed, there's not one person that will come to the show and be disappointed," Jones said.

*Tickets can be purchased at the Whanganui High School student centre of the Whanganui Opera House, children $9 and adults $10.