A woman has been sentenced to more than five years in jail for extensive drug offending.

Eletise Natasha Wallace dealt 81g of methamphetamine in 128 transactions over seven weeks in 2016.

Wallace also made six cannabis transactions between October 26 and December 9, totalling 543g.

Wallace, who used two cellphones during the offending, appeared in Whanganui District Court for sentencing on May 17, 2019.


Judge Philip Crayton noted that police found a pipe for using methamphetamine during a search of her home in February, 2017. Wallace was bailed but continued to offend.

Between August 11 and September 18 2017, Wallace made a further 19 methamphetamine transactions, dealing 9.2g and 14 cannabis transactions totalling 51g.

She also offered to supply two tabs of morphine, eight of ritalin (both class B), 32 tablets of diazepam and an unknown quantity of zopiclone.

Wallace was then arrested and found to be carrying 96 tablets of dihydrocodeine, a class C drug.

But Judge Crayton said there was further offending: "There were nine charges reflecting the obtaining of property by deception, using a credit card to make transactions in person online," he said.

He said the financial offending totalled $9,118.83.

Wallace pleaded guilty to a range of drug supply charges, possessing utensils to consume drugs and obtaining by deception.

After her initial arrest, Wallace was given the opportunity to address her addiction by undertaking the Bridge programme but Judge Crayton said her addiction controlled her life and her choices during the programme.


"Your addiction maintained its control even though there was a breach of bail and a Judge extended you again, perhaps mercifully, an opportunity to return to the Bridge programme," he said.

"You failed the drug test and you then cut off your bracelet. As a consequence, you remained at large, wanted and having to be sought between October and April."

A pre-sentence report and letter provided by a trauma counsellor said Wallace's addiction to drugs was linked to past trauma.

In sentencing Wallace, the Judge noted she had not engaged well with the trauma counsellor, but had taken the first step towards rehabilitation.

Judge Crayton sentenced Wallace to five years and four months' in jail, ordered destruction, forfeiture or confiscation of the drugs, paraphernalia and cellphones.

He also wiped$3732.93 worth of fines and told Wallace it was up to her how she acted before facing the Parole Board.

"If you leave it as it is I anticipate the Parole Board will think long and hard before they release you into the community," Judge Crayton said.

"If you take the opportunity that will be provided, I anticipate your release will come sooner than later.

"What is certain though, unless you do address those matters and your addiction, you are going to be back here and going to prison for longer and longer."