A speeding driver has been arrested in Whanganui after leading police on a 143km car chase from Paraparaumu.

Whanganui police apprehended the male driver after using road spikes at the Aramoho rail bridge in Somme Parade shortly before 4pm on Sunday.

Whanganui Police Sergeant Kevin Smith said there had been numerous reports of a speeding white Mazda hatchback.

"He avoided a number of pursuits and road spikes between here and Kapiti and endangered an officer by driving towards him after avoiding spikes."


Sergeant Smith said the driver had also endangered members of the public by overtaking at speed on blind bends along State Highway 1.

The order was given to abandon pursuit as the speeding driver approached Whanganui but police renewed their efforts to apprehend the driver when he reached Aramoho.

"Once we had him in a contained area, we knew we had a good chance of catching him," said Sergeant Smith.

The driver had headed up Roberts Ave in Aramoho which meant he would have to exit on to Somme Parade where five police cars and a set of road spikes were waiting.

"We are very relieved to have him off the road and that he hasn't injured anyone."