Glasgow St residents were woken to a loud crash overnight when a car collided with a concrete power pole near the Lowther St intersection.

Fire and Emergency were alerted to the incident at around 2.30am.

Whanganui station officer Bryan Coskerie said there was one occupant in the vehicle at the time of the crash, who was transported to hospital which moderate injuries.

The Roxy Radio building, which had a line connected to the power pole was also damaged, when the mains entry was ripped out.


It pulled tight, bringing down another power pole on the Roxy Radio side of the road, which smashed out the back window of a car parked outside.

Paige Rotherham said her step-father owns the car and was inside the building when the crash happened.

"He came out to check what was going on then went back inside, and then bang again, come outside again and the power pole outside his place is down."

A Powerco contractor said electricity was out for a while but soon connected.
At 7.20am all but one property had been reconnected.