Hundreds of students, staff and old boys gathered at Whanganui Collegiate School on Friday for an Anzac Day service.

They were wearing blazers with poppies attached to the left, remembering the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who served in Gallipoli during World War I.

Anzac Day is on Thursday, April 25 which is during the school holidays, so the Liverpool St school has a service before the students depart.

The service began with a flyover by Richard Harding and was followed by a performance of The School Song written by Sir William Marris with music by Leslie Peck.


This was followed by Reverend Guy Savage and the bidding prayer.

"As the grey shadows of the dawn appeared over Gallipoli 104 years ago, the men of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps received their baptism of fire as they joined the fight for justice and freedom," Savage said.

"It was then that Anzac became one of the immortal names of history. This morning, at the end of this term, it is fitting that we should gather here to honour the memory of those who went to the battlefields of war, but did not return."

Little white crosses with New Zealand flags attached to them were laid out on the lawn that faces Liverpool St.

Current students who are descendents of fallen Old Boys were invited to place them in memory of them.

Headmaster Wayne Brown performed a bible reading for those in attendance and wreaths were laid for staff that lose their lives.

Major Craig Wilson addressed the audience, For The Fallen was performed, as was The Last Post and New Zealand's national anthem before a blessing and dismissal.

There was one minute of silence held for all to reflect on what Anzac means to them.


We will remember them.