The 85 square metre pontoon which will form the stage and walkway on to the Whanganui River for the 25th New Zealand Opera School concert tonight (), was imported into New Zealand and Whanganui by local man Geoff Mackintosh.

Mackintosh said the pontoons, which are made in China, and used frequently throughout the world for events on water, would be would be a boon for Whanganui.

They can be set up on rivers, lakes and the ocean, he said.

For tonight's Opera and Aroha on the River concert it meant a truly spectacular event was able to be staged.


The pontoon is available for hire, he said.

"It is able to be used and has been overseas, for water events such jet skiing. It makes a strong jet ski ramp. It is so solid that even a helicopter can land on it.

"The pontoon set-up weighs 10 tonnes, but the configuration of how it will be set up is up to the person hiring it,'' he said.