It needs just a little more than some spit and polish, but Whanganui's new Community Bike Park is nearly over the finishline with an official opening planned on the last weekend before the school holidays.

From designs to funding and construction, it has been over two years of diligent work to get the park up to full operation, with the senior pump track now tar-sealed and the 'Learn to Ride' mini-street area all but done.

Works still remaining to be done, and funded, include improving the path's, installing the seating — such as those designed by Whanganui Intermediate students – mulching in the areas beside the tracks, and adding in lighting for the park.

Poles were added just this week for the lights to the installed, while park designer and internationally respected BMX rider Paul Langlands has been back down from Cambridge to get on the digger and pull some long work shifts.


Wet weather has not helped the timetable, but for the dozens of riders of all ages coming to the track every weekend or after school, their enthusiasm is driving Langlands forward to get things finished.

"A couple of 13 hour days for this trip down," he said.

"There's [always] something more to do and something to be done, but it's at a good stage now.

"Seeing kids riding around with big smiles, is rewarding at the same time.

"The amount of kids coming over and asking about the new jumps I'm building, it's crazy."

It's all come together from multiple grants and sources – some of the poles on site are from the wharf in Wellington.

Tartek Ltd through Tristan Teki put down the tar seal for the senior pump track, with Downers providing the hot mix

Langlands said this will make the park's main jumps an all-weather surface.


"With the seal on it, people thinks it concrete [and] dangerous.

"But it's potentially safer because it doesn't have the soil you slip a dirt surface.

"If there's dust, it can slip out in your wheels."

No one understands how much safer that is than Langlands – regarded as one of the world's top long-distance dirt jumpers, he has broken his bones 21 times.

On the junior track area, which is soil based, he has smoothed out the turns and small jumps.

Strong Electrical have contributed to the project, while Wanganui Concrete Contractors Ltd won an award for their work on the streets that make up the popular 'Learn to Ride' area.

However, there have been a few issues with the damage to the lens of the traffic lights on the street intersections of the area, while a whole post was also taken.

Sport Whanganui's Jodie Brunger said they want to give naming rights to the streets of the area to potential sponsors

"We'd like at least five more businesses to come and board and help us finish the park."

As well as the businesses already named and many others aside, Brunger said most special thanks had to go to B. Bullock (2009) Limited and specifically contracts manager Glen Bullock for all their support through the various stages of the project.

"Glen more than anybody," she said.

If all the final touches can be completed, the plan is to do the long-anticipated official opening on December 15, which is the last Saturday before school ends for 2018.

There will be food and refreshments, a "mascot race" on the tracks, while Langlands and other guests will perform a display of BMX tricks.