Wanganui SPCA are calling out for the donation of dog accessories and a local school has swiftly answered.

The non-profit charitable organisation located on London St in Whanganui is at capacity with four puppies and six dogs.

Wanganui SPCA centre manager Francie Flis said they are on the hunt for new or used items that are in good condition.

"When our animals go to their new home, we like to give them something that is familiar to them," Flis said.


"They'll go with the beds that they've been sleeping on and if they've got something that they're attached to, like a favourite toy, we'll send them home with that as well."

Gonville School teacher Abby Richards saw a post appealing for donations on Facebook last Thursday and immediately wanted to get involved.


It's so nice to see the public pull together to help us out and to involve the kids who are our next generation


Richards talked to her colleagues, who decided to gather some funds, purchase a basket and fill it with over 30 toys, leads, collars, harnesses and blankets.

"It's so amazing of her, she put her knuckles down and came up with the initiative herself," Flis said.

"It's so nice to see the public pull together to help us out and to involve the kids who are our next generation."

Richards is now challenging the students of Gonville School to join the cause by dropping in their own donations, with the added incentive of a free iceblock on Friday.


Gonville School students have the option of purchasing an iceblock every Friday during summer and the funds raised go towards feeding their school pets.

Richards describes herself as an animal lover.

"When I was a kid, we always had pets growing up. We had cats, we used to have a family dog and Gonville has lots of animals here too.



"We have the school cat, guinea pigs, we've got alpacas, we had a pig for a very long time. We're a very animal friendly school."

Flis said soft toys and soccer balls are really appreciated and they will happily accept donations for as long as people would like to make them.