Maybe it's something in spring the air.

Food sharing stands continue to flourish in Whanganui with yet another starting up on Durie Hill.

The community fruit and vege stand has been set up on the corner of Portal St and Durie St and follows the national movement started by Auckland man Mark Dennis.

He sparked a community of more than 10,000 followers with many helping create a network of stands throughout the country which help people redistribute excess produce in their area.


"I put it to a group of our friends, just through a Facebook message saying, 'hey, should we make a stand for Durie Hill'?" resident Maggie Mowat Gujral said.

"We had a fish and chip night and then that turned into us chipping in $5, $10 bucks each, we got some supplies from Bunnings, Jason [Shailer] built the stand and then we painted it.

Durie Hill Hair Design agreed to have the stand located outside its premises.

"The idea is to share fresh fruit and vege, predominantly, preferably spray-free, but there's no set rules," Mowat Gujral said.

"People can come and grab what they want or need and if they've got anything to share, they can put it in."

She hoped the stand would be well used and looked after.

"I think once word gets out people will be keen. It doesn't have to be just for people on The Hill. If you want to come up from town, it's all good."

The Durie Hill project follows a similar one which started in Akatea St in Gonville this month.


Korina Waitai is hosting the Kai Ora stand where people can donate or pick up various food items.

Another similar stand, The Sharing Shed, was set up on Koromiko Rd in May by Raewyn Sharrock and it quickly became clear her stand - which has more than food - would be a success.