Skyrocketing rents and costs in Auckland decided buiness owner Ross Hooks to quit the city of sails and head south.

"It was getting too hard to survive especially when your landlord keeps hiking the rent up and up.''

Hooks runs a Beads and Pendants business which used to be in a factory in Manakau City but is now operated out of a small factory space in Matai St off Station Rd in Marton.

"I just love it here. I miss it that you can't buy anything and everything the way you can in Auckland but then you can't have everything. I mean in Auckland anything you want is right there. The thing is I do love living here. I love the peace and quiet. I don't miss the city traffic and noise at all.''


Together with Hooks running the business is his daughter, Jodi, who has also created a large range of costumes, masks and jewellery for children.

The business, Beads and Pendants, for most people would be like a trip into an Aladdin's cave. There are shelves of brightly, gleaming beads, small packets of do it-yourself jewellery kits and gorgeous hair adorments and belts.

The special children's section not only has beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings -there are tiny dress-up costumes that would thrill most mums and kids. Tiny ballerina tulle skirts, wonderful character hats, and a huge selection of hero and heroine masks.

Hooks said he is always open but being open by appointment is also the way to go.

"I am here all the time but it would be good to know when someone is coming.''