Five Whanganui sports clubs will save money and reduce waste after a visit from a charity with an environmental and sporting focus.

Representatives of charitable trust Litefoot this week visited Wanganui Athletic Football Club, Whanganui Netball Centre, Wanganui Golf Club, Wanganui Marist Rugby Club and Whanganui City Football Club as part of the trust's LiteClub programme.

It is a free service for sports clubs that looks at efficiency improvements in electricity, water and waste.

The Chronicle caught up with LiteClub team members Uday Pratap Singh and Thorsten Herkel at Wanganui Athletic Football Club's rooms where LED lights and water saving devices were being installed.


"We're changing the lighting to LED - each LED can save three kilowatts over a year," Singh said.

"We look at water heating and where there's a hot water cylinder we wrap it. We install water saving devices such as gizmos in the toilet cistern and aerators in mixer taps. The aerators and gizmos can save 10,000 litres of water a year. We look at the flow in showers. You can save a lot of hot water by reducing the flow.

"We also look at waste minimisation and encourage clubs to contact a recycling contractor in their area. We install recycling bins in clubrooms if they don't have them.

"It's a win-win for sports and the environment."

Singh said Wanganui Athletic's clubrooms had some efficiencies in place before LiteClub's visit.

"This clubrooms doesn't have a hot water cylinder, they have gas, and they have very good recycling already," Singh said.

Following the visit, clubs received a report on how they could make further improvements to their facility, such as installing insulation or timers on fridges.

LiteClub has visited 1315 sports clubs around New Zealand, saving more than 7500 tonnes in CO2 emissions and reducing sports clubs' costs by more than $7.5 million.


The programme is funded by the Lion Foundation and local funders like the Whanganui District Council and Infinity Foundation.