At the Barbed Wire Gallery in Raetihi is an exhibition of photographic work by Singapore artist Jane Ye.

Ye lives in Wellington but also owns a house in Raetihi because the beauty of the Waimarino district has always amazed her.

"I am from Wellington but my husband and I bought a house in Raetihi five years ago because we love Mt Ruapehu.''

Ye said being born and raised in Singapore meant that the family lived in a small apartment.


"It was all blocks, hard material, concrete and car. That was all we saw everyday."

She remembered reading books that talked about fruit that grew on trees and other wonders of mother nature.

"For us the natural beauty of that type found here was very hard to understand.''

Ye said she had lived in New Zealand for the past 28 years and had spent many holidays in the Waimarino area.

"I have realised nature's beauty is real and colourful.''

Her pictures exhibited were taken over the last year in and around her Raetihi property.
Ye describes her pictures as studies of:
*Roses and flowers of all kinds full of bugs and bees living and flying.
*Horses grazing right in front of our doorstep.
*The white beauty of the snow flying and falling on the ground has made the whole backyard colourful.

"Now I understand the meaning of white beauty and mother nature."