It is midnight in Russia when the Chronicle checks in with their man on the ground for the Fifa World Cup.

Dan Benson says his body clock has no idea what is going on with how late it gets dark over there and the rapidity at which it is light again.

The former Whanganui footballer started his OE at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and will attend his last game of this year's tournament on Wednesday at 6am (NZ time).

"We have one game left now, Argentina vs Nigeria in St Petersburg, I'm hoping that Argentina and Messi can wake up and put on a show," Benson said.


"The stadium in St Petersburg is incredible, it looks like a UFO."

Argentina will be desperate for a win after a 1-1 draw with Iceland and a devastating 3-0 loss to the in-form Croatia.

Benson said that Croatia's Luka Modric would be his pick for player of the tournament so far.

Most recently, he attended Poland vs Senegal and Brazil vs Costa Rica.

"Poland vs Senegal was great, it was a massive party atmosphere with lots of drums and musical instruments and the scenes when Senegal won were amazing.

"Brazil struggled for 90 minutes but got their two late goals and I still think they will go quite far in the tournament."

Benson is looking forward to checking out some palaces and castles before a long trip home in which he will visit Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia and Montenegro.

He said it was good to see some upset results in the tournament.


"Mexico are probably the surprise package so far and there are so many of their fans out here, everywhere they go turns into a mini party.

"That is definitely adding value so I hope they keep winning."

Benson was not sure where he would be able to watch the games as his journey continues, but he knows who he will be cheering on.

"I hope England go a long way, I'd like to see them in a final, but I think it will be Brazil vs Spain.

"Or maybe Portugal if Ronaldo keeps banging in the goals."

Meanwhile, Whanganui mayor Hamish McDouall's rooster Grizzles has had a patchy week of picks.

He flat out refused to make any picks on Saturday and picked wrong when Germany beat Sweden, but made up for it by tipping right for England's big 6-1 win over Panama.

Grizzles will select results, if he feels so inclined, for Saudi Arabia vs Egypt, Uruguay vs Russia, Iran vs Portugal and Spain vs Morocco when he gets fed this afternoon.