Twenty years ago Whanganui wasn't ready for Carla Langmead's dream - and neither was she.

But Langmead is currently setting up a consultation room for her business Carla's Coaching for Health and she thinks this time around the timing is right.

Langmead's crystal shop was "pretty out there" for Whanganui in the late 1990s but she believes people are now more open to a holistic approach to improving their physical, mental and emotional fitness.

"It's always been a passion but 20 years ago I wasn't ready for it and it wasn't ready for me," Langmead says.


"I didn't know how to articulate it back then but I've matured and maybe Whanganui is ready to explore that side of things.

"I want to provide a holistic service which incorporates the four cornerstones of health [physical, spiritual, family, mental] that provides a pathway for those seeking to achieve their goals.

"To achieve our goals, our actions have to become a way of life. It's about going inside, not going outside, for answers. Physical fitness is a way of increasing your health and then physical health will ripple out and affect your mental health and spiritual or social health."

Langmead, whose approach is based on neuroscience, has run group fitness classes for nearly 30 years and will offer "hypnocise" sessions for people who want to combine hypnotherapy and exercise.

"Hypnotherapy fits in for people who may not have enough faith in themselves to do it themselves," she said.

"The number one reason why people won't get off the couch is lack of motivation. Hypnotherapy can help with what's holding them back. I want to keep the hypnotherapy to motivation for exercise because there are lots of other hypnotherapists around who can help with things like stopping smoking."

Langmead will provide fitness consultancy and develop programmes for clients, as well as offering reiki and life coaching services.

"We'll talk about goal setting and how to move forward. We'll identify what holds us back and 'boom' what are we going to do about it.

"This is a starting point to work with a few clients and hopefully I will be able to build on that."

Langmead will continue to work for mental health support agency Balance Whanganui and run her business part-time.

Langmead's new premises will be in a private space on the mezzanine floor in Victoria Ave gift store Victoria's Treasures, owned by Sarah Brierley.

"It came about because I know Sarah and it's a lovely complement to Sarah's shop," Langmead said.

"The shop is a beautiful place and draws you in so it seemed like a nice fit."

Brierley said Langmead's business would be "something lovely and different".

"It will be good energy for the shop."

Langmead's new premises will open on July 7.