The latest funding round of the Mitre 10 Mega Wanganui Future Champions Trust is now open.

Since its launch in 2013, the Trust provides financial support to Whanganui's talented young sports people who have the ability to compete at the very highest level but may need a financial leg-up to achieve their goals.

Sports people are encouraged to apply in the hope they will reach their full potential at an international level in their chosen code.

So far, the trust has handed out $37,000 to 34 individual athletes, receiving grants around $1000-1500 each, with the hope that they will reach Olympic, Commonwealth Games, and World Championship levels.


Funding rounds are held biennially at the end of March and September.

The latest grant recipients announced in November 2017 were Liam Back (cross country), Jordan Cohen (hockey), Genna Maples (athletics), Tara Raj (golf) and Fergus Smith (golf).

They went as far-flung as world cross country champs in Paris, Australian national championships and tournaments, training in Taranaki and in the case of Smith, his attendance at the University of Iowa.

The Trust can only provide the levels of support that it has available and all interested businesses who wish to contribute are encouraged to contact the trust through it's website, or phone Philippa Baker-Hogan on 027 272 795.

Athletes interested in applying can also visit the website to assess the criteria for funding and access an application form.