Temperatures are soaring. The MetService is forecasting 29c for Wednesday and 30c for Thursday. So we asked readers for 10 tips to beat the heat, and we kick off with a cool tip of our own.

Cool cloths

Three steps:
1. Rinse under cold water and squeeze
2. Flail it about a bit, round and round
3. Drape it over your neck (or elsewhere) for bliss.

A damp tea-towel will also work but won't get as icy cold or stay that way for as long.


10 tips to beat the heat
We asked readers how to stay cool. Here's what you suggested:
1. Have a hot drink.
2. Buy a cool cloth that magically stays icy cold when damp.
3. Fill hot water bottles and freeze them. Great to rest your feet on.
4. Point a fan out the window - it cools the room better, apparantly.
5. Cold shower with clothes on and just drip-dry in wet clothes.
6. Put a wheat bag in a plastic bag in freezer. Nice and cold to take to bed.
7. Pop a damp tea-towel into a plastic bag and put in freezer. Drape it round your neck - bliss!
8. A swim followed by an ice cream.
9. Freeze the water bottle. Hydrate on the hour.
10. Draw the curtains on the sunny side of the house. All doors and windows open.

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