Together the car and driver have 160 years on the clock but both are still going strong and will be among the many classic vehicles taking part in the Whanganui Vintage Weekend this weekend.

The driver is 70-year-old Bruce Ardell, currently president of the Wanganui Vintage Car Club. The car is a 1928 Chevrolet National which Mr Ardell was given when he was apprentice mechanic in the mid-1960s. It belonged to a Whanganui widow whose husband had bought it in 1941.

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The car was in a very sad state but some hard work and help from local tradesmen restored the Chev to its pristine glory. He had it back on the road within a couple of years and since then it has travelled all around the country, often transporting the Ardell family on annual holiday.


Bringing the car back to its glory was labour of love for Mr Ardell but it sparked an association with the local branch of the Vintage Car Club that has extended for 50 years. But his unwavering service to the club hasn't gone unnoticed with his half century of service being recognised this weekend too.

Mr Ardell has served in every position in the the club and as the current chairman he's been especially busy organising things for the Vintage weekend.

He remembers when he joined the club as teenager that the next youngest member was 30 years old: "It was a bit different back then. I thought 17-year-old boys don't join an old farts club."

The Chev National, along with a 1935 Dennis fire engine, will be among the half dozen Ardell vehicles on the road this weekend.