The popular Mangapurua and Mountains to Sea (M2C) Track is now open after a huge effort from the Department of Conservation to clear the slip that closed it.

DoC senior recreation ranger Jim Campbell said the track is now in the best condition he's seen it in all the 37 years he's worked for the department.

The track was closed from the end of August through to the beginning of October.

Whanganui Recreation staff based from Pipiriki, Atene and Taumarunui were determined to get the track reopened.


DoC spokeswoman Susan Osborne said those who worked on the track did some really long hours to clear the slip.

"They were working up until dark basically, they were on a mission to reopen the track," Ms Osborne said.

DoC expects at least 4000 people to do the full Mangapurua and M2C Track this summer and more than 10,000 people to do parts of the track.

Among those who took up the challenge of riding the newly cleared track was a woman from Wanaka, who celebrated her 71st birthday on the track with family.

"The Mangapurua and M2C Track is a definite asset to the Whanganui region given the large and growing number of keen cyclists ready and willing for the challenge," said DoC recreation ranger Dave Westcott.

DoC would also like to remind people to remain aware of fire risks this summer.

If you see smoke dial 111. All fires on public conservation lands will continue to require a permit. To access permits, visit the website and/or contact 0800 658 628.

If you have any questions contact the Whanganui Fire Station on 06 348 0103.