Refurbishments made to the Splash Centre over the Christmas and New Year period mean a partial closure, but the Whanganui East Pool is on schedule to be open in time for the warmer months.

The leisure area of the Splash Centre will be closed for refurbishment from Friday, December 22. The work includes repainting the 25-metre pool, lazy river and spa pools.

A new floor surface will also be laid. During this time the steam room, sauna and café will be closed and the entrance will be re-located.

The 'older' part of the Splash Centre, which includes the Splash Deck fitness centre and 25 metre training pool will remain open during the refurbishments. After the initial work is completed, the hydrotherapy pool will be repainted. The work will be completed by Edmonds Painting Ltd.


The only day the Splash Centre will be fully closed during the Christmas period is Christmas Day. There will be no change to the entry price.

Splash Centre Manager Dave Campbell says organising the work during the holiday works well, as the Splash Centre is less used during this time.

"The perception is that we get lots of people through in late December and early January, but that is not the case. We are much busier during school term time, where we can see up to 750 school children having lessons every week, whereas there are no swimming lessons during the Christmas and New Year period.

"The last time this area of the Splash Centre was painted was four years ago, so it will be great to see it looking refreshed."

He says because it's warmer outside, people are also more likely to head to the beaches and lakes or to the river for outdoor water activities.

"We also hope it will encourage people to visit the Whanganui East Pool, which is scheduled to open on December 22, weather dependent. With the good weather we have been having lately, we hope it will be open just before Christmas so our community have more than one option for pool swimming."

About $300,000 is being spent on getting the Whanganui East Pool ready for use over the summer season.

"Contractors are excavating a large section of the main pool and pouring a new concrete floor slab, removing the old lining and pipes in the main pool and replacing them. Repair work will be made to a leak in the learners' pool and both pools will be repainted," Mr Campbell said.