It's hard work being a school crossing patroller and Whanganui area students have been rewarded for their commitment to the job.

Whanganui police Constable Rob Conder said there are 250-300 students involved in operating Kea or pedestrian crossings outside schools in the wider Whanganui area and many of them attended a street march in Whanganui on Wednesday, November 22.

The march from Majestic Square down Victoria Ave ended at Embassy 3 cinema where the students were treated to an icecream and entry to The Lego Ninjago Movie. Whanganui police, Maori Wardens and school staff accompanied the students.

"It's a thank you to celebrate their work during the year to make sure the kids cross the road safely," Mr Conder said.


"There have been no accidents that I know of throughout the year so they've done a very awesome job."

Students from Castlecliff School said they enjoyed the job but it could be hard work "especially when it's raining" and when they had to stop students on bikes or scooters or those who were running.