Rangitikei College Trust secretary Rex Millar is proud of their latest fundraiser for the school - a small wooden playhouse.

Senior woodwork students have built the small house, the absolute epitome of a child's playhouse, and it is being raffled in Marton over the next three weeks, he said.

The idea for a small wooden house had come from woodwork students deciding to build one a few years ago toward gaining credits for their NCEA levels, he said.

"It was such a attractive little house we asked if they build a second one for the Trust to raffle this year. There was some left over wood and away they went.''


Posters of the house and raffle information are up in most shop windows throughout Marton and people were very excited about it, he said.

"We're getting so many inquiries. People are telling us how they love it .''

The raffle starts selling this Friday, November 24 and will be on sale at the Marton Market day on Saturday November 25 at Marton Park, he said.

"The house will on display and I don't think t will take a lot of encouragement for people to buy tickets.

"So far the reaction is wonderful. We won't be selling tickets outside Marton. So if you want a ticket you need to come to Marton."

Rex said the draw for the winner will be held at the Marton Police station on December 15.
"What a lovely christmas present it will be for some lucky child."

Year 13 student Jamie Cranshaw had worked with the team to make the small house and said the group of student had all enjoyed the build.

"We had a great time and wished that we could have had a small house when we little kids.''