A shared space to knit and natter is proving popular at the Crucci Magic wool shop in Victoria Ave.

Store manager Beth Beale says the Thursday afternoon Stitch 'n Chat sessions are an opportunity for keen knitters to get together to work on their creations and also enjoy a cuppa and socialise.

"It's so popular we're thinking of starting another group and we're also taking inquiries for knitting and crocheting night classes," Beale said.

"We may also set up a men's knitting group as we've had some inquiries from men."


Crucci Magic has been operating for a few months at 96 Victoria Ave.

"It's the third wool shop we know of that's been in these premises," Beale said.

"Until 2013 it was Woolmart and in the past it was Willie Weavers."

Beale and staff member Sue Hartendorp have years of experience in knitting. They are both spinners and Beale also does weaving.

"People often come in for one-on-one help with a pattern - it doesn't have to be a Crucci pattern, we're happy to help with anything. We encourage people to come in any time and use the space at the back of the shop for their knitting projects."

The shop is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 3pm Saturday.